Instructions allows anyone in the world to report - via a computer or mobile phone - where different species of termites are found, while at the same time being able to access all the known species described in any country in the world.

Access to the list of species of termites by country:

1.- Double-click the left mouse button on the country from which you want to access the information.

2.- On your right, the list of all species recorded in that country will appear, ordered by family, sub-family, genus, and species. Clicking on a species name will show a reference to the publication in which the species was first described. If the publication is available to download, a download button will also be shown. 

Enter NEW POINTS on the Map:

1- To add new points to the Map, you need to be registered on the website:

2.- Once you have logged in with your account you can access your DASHBOARD to complete your data.

3.- Press the green button "NEW POINT"

It is very important to keep in mind that a point must not be placed on top of a private property if the termites present are considered as "pests", such as Reticulitermes, Coptotermes or Heterotermes. In such cases, their presence should be reported by placing the point on a public road outside the affected property.

4. Place the point where the termites were detected (use the location finder by entering the coordinates or the address of the place) and fill in a brief form, including their identification:


Usually, you'll want to select the termite genus, and if you are certain that you know the species, you can also fill in this information. If you do not know the species, genus or family, please leave that field blank and click "Unidentified". In these cases, it's important to attach a photo or video and provide some information about its location.

You have the option to indicate that your identification is "Reliable" by specifying the identification keys used in the "Identification Keys Utilized" field. If you are unsure of the identity, please indicate that the ID is "Probable".


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Each point indicates an approximate location where termites were detected at some point. If any data point is located in an existing structure, it was purely fortuitous. It does not necessarily indicate a current active infestation, but it does indicate that the species was detected within the area.