Top10 de las especies que están a mayor altura

Family Genus Species City Country Height
Termitidae Microtermes vadschaggae Kilimanjaro Tanzania 5.782,50m.
Archotermopsidae Zootermopsis coloradensis Florissant United States of America 2.650,00m.
Archotermopsidae Zootermopsis nevadensis undefined United States of America 2.618,50m.
Termitidae Amitermes foreli Piamonti Colombia 2.591,60m.
Kalotermitidae Rugitermes laticollis Luribay Saudi Arabia 2.563,20m.
Mastotermitidae Mastotermes aethiopicus East Shewa Ethiopia 2.484,90m.
Rhinotermitidae Reticulitermes tibialis Mesa Verde National Park, Chapin Mesa\\Park Mesa United States of America 2.185,90m.
Kalotermitidae Incisitermes minor Carr Can., Huachuca Mts., ARIZ., IV-5-61, W.L. Nutting United States of America 2.161,70m.
Mastotermitidae khanitermes acutipennis undefined Mongolia 1.905,80m.
Rhinotermitidae Reticulitermes hesperus Lake Tahoe United States of America 1.897,60m.
Termitidae Gnathamitermes grandis Aguascalientes, AGS Mexico 1.870,90m.
Termitidae Anoplotermes fumosus Aguascalientes Mexico 1.870,90m.
Hodotermitidae Ulmeriella rubiensis undefined United States of America 1.818,60m.
Rhinotermitidae Reticulitermes tibialis United States of America 1.807,30m.
Hodotermitidae Hodotermes mossambicus Nakuru Kenya 1.803,40m.
Kalotermitidae Incisitermes snyderi Mexico 1.795,20m.
Termitidae Tenuirostritermes incisus Universidad de Gualadajara Mexico 1.785,40m.
Kalotermitidae Cryptotermes brevis Chosica, Huarochiri, Sta.Eulalia Peru 1.780,90m.
Archotermopsidae Zootermopsis nevadensis Sierra Nevada Mountains, Truckee United States of America 1.772,20m.
Archotermopsidae Zootermopsis nevadensis El Dorado Natl. Forest, Silver Creek Campground United States of America 1.770,10m.
Archotermopsidae Zootermopsis nevadensis Dardanelle, Tuolumne Co., CA United States of America 1.760,10m.
Termitidae Aparatermes cingulatus El Mollar Antigua & Barbuda 1.748,60m.
Termitidae Nasutitermes ephratae Vereda La Cristalina Colombia 1.713,40m.
Termitidae Skatitermes psammophilus near Otiawarongo Namibia 1.638,00m.
Termitidae Tenuirostritermes tenuirostris S. Alpine on Hwy 118 United States of America 1.629,30m.

Países con más especies

Country Total
China 469 Species
Brazil 335 Species
India 281 Species
Australia 262 Species
Indonesia 240 Species
Malaysia 219 Species
Congo (DRC) 198 Species
Nigeria 140 Species
South Africa 129 Species
Tanzania 119 Species
Cameroon 118 Species
Kenya 108 Species
Guinea 101 Species
Congo 99 Species
Bolivia 90 Species
Côte d'Ivoire 88 Species
Thailand 87 Species
Angola 84 Species
Guyana 82 Species
Uganda 80 Species
French Guiana 78 Species
Dominican Republic 76 Species
Ghana 73 Species
Papua New Guinea 72 Species
Mexico 71 Species

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Each point indicates an approximate location where termites were detected at some point. If any data point is located in an existing structure, it was purely fortuitous. It does not necessarily indicate a current active infestation, but it does indicate that the species was detected within the area.