Termitas en Guanta

Guanta CP:6014 2023-11-14 07:13:43
Location: Aproximada


Sin identificar

  • Family: -
  • Subfamily: -
  • Genus: -
  • Species: -

Additional information

Ubicadas en jardinera , entraron a los apartamentos, subterraneas

Date 2014-11-20
Time of Flight Desconocida
Alates present No
Type of nest Underground
Zone Urban
Temperature -
Humidity of the Wood -
Atmospheric Humidity -
Altura -
Latitud 10.23893990000000
Longuitud -64.60279770000000



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Each point indicates an approximate location where termites were detected at some point. If any data point is located in an existing structure, it was purely fortuitous. It does not necessarily indicate a current active infestation, but it does indicate that the species was detected within the area.

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